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November 19, 2011


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Beautiful pie James!


Hi James! Thanks for posting this. I can't wait to try it. I didn't like pumpkin pie until well into adulthood, and since it's something I only feel right making around the holidays (sad, but true), I just haven't found the perfect recipe. I hope this is it.


Hi Anna! Let me know what you think - I've made it twice this week and got lots of raves! I think the yams are the secret :)


I made it last night and cut into it today. It's definitely the best pumpkin pie ever! Mine took longer than 35 minutes during that final round of baking, but I kept monitoring it with the instant thermometer and it did eventually hit 175. I'm going to post my pictures and a link to your recipe tomorrow.


I made CI's pumpkin pie recipe two years ago and was underwhelmed. Though I love their vodka pie crust recipe, the filling of this pie was underspiced. Last year I made what I think was my best pumpkin pie to date ( As far as texture goes, my pumpkin pies have always been smooth and creamy thanks to the blender or food processor. It's flavor I'm after now -- not overly sweet, not overly spicy. Brown sugar gives caramel undertones which pair perfectly with orange vegetables.


The link I gave you is not working. Here is the correct link for what I think is a better pumpkin pie recipe:


Hi Judy - Sorry to hear you didn't like the pie. Did you use freshly grated ginger and Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon? I think the ginger flavor and the cinnamon add great flavor without overpowering the pumpkin. I'll give your recipe a try too.


Where's my pie????


I just made this for Christmas. It was fantastic - but you should add that it is for a deep dish crust, because I had 2 c extra filling since I went with a regular 9" crust. Also, what is the note regarding the candied sweet potato?


hi suzy! glad you liked the pie. I make mine in a standard 9" glass pyrex pie dish - but I fill it right to the brim! Happy Baking! James

Kolaci Poslasticarnica

Simple and delicious! Thanks again.

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