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March 08, 2012


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I'm coming over now for coffee and some of this...2 pieces please!


Dripping... want to take a bite off my screen.


You have adding sugar twice to the cake, I assume step 2 is incorrect for making the batter.


Hi Shannon! Thanks for catching that - I corrected the recipe! James

Nigel @ Food Mixer Reviews

Wow, they look really delicious. Thanks for a very detailed recipe too. My family are going to be in for a treat this weekend.

Bread Guy @ Panasonic sd-2501wxc

Are you a professional photographer as well as a fantastic cook because those pictures really make those little cakes look delicious. So good I want to try this myself.

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Mouthwatering! I really like to try doing it, thank you for providing the recipe, good job!

lisa g.

Hi, in the streusel ingredients list, you "tablespoons butter" listed beside "1/2 cup brown sugar". Is this an error because you already have butter in the list. Thank you!


Hi Lisa, thanks for catching that typo!

It is very very simple!!! Today on my brother’s birthday, I made this cake. It was superb!!! Everyone praised of this cake.
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