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December 17, 2010


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This looks so cute! The T Discs that I would likely choose are Starbucks and Milka.


Good choice David! I tried the Gevalia this morning...


I would love the Twinings Tea discs.

Jimmy Doyle

I would definitely go for the Starbuck's Discs!


Oh man... I drink the Tazo tea almost everyday and I've had my eye on this machine for a little while now... this would be sweet!! :-)


The Seattle's best Discs look great!

Paul V.

I have to pick Seattle's best too!
Gotta have my java nice 'n hot. What a great prize to win - thanks!


Fresh brewed Starbucks right from my kitchen? I'd say that's my favorite! Great contest!


So many to choose from . . . Starbucks and Seattles Best would be my coffee chose. For Tea TAZO.


Definitely the Starbucks but the Tazo Tea would be great too since I buy that from Starbucks also.


I hit Like on your Facebook page
Tomi A
*fingers crossed*

Shannon W

Probably Starbucks!

Shannon W

And I "like" you on fbook! :)

Sarah Brenon

Hey Hey James!!! Love this lil machine!! I would choose the Tazo or the Gevalia, nor sure what it is but looks good! :)- Sarah Brenon


Hi Sarah! Miss you all - have a great Christmas - send some photos! James xo


I would definitely try Starbucks, Gevalia - they actually all look like they'd be great paired with one of your red velvet cupcakes!


merry christmas everyone (:


love your bog Darian


I would try the Maxwell House t-discs.

Big Joe

Starbucks looks good.


Starbucks discs it is!

Don Lashley

Awesome Tassimo - I would try the Kenco dosk!

Richie K

Starbucks for coffee, Tazo for tea.

Betty Triliegi

I want that little man!!!!!!

Dan Cain


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