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March 02, 2011


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mouth. watering.

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Hello!I always motivated by you, your views and way of thinking......

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Yummy recipe for delicious food. I like Filet Mignon. Thanks for sharing the recipe regarding Filet Mignon. Great job done by you.


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Liz Peters

Wait, vinegar and mustard? That’s my favorite sauce combo! For me, both of their flavors match perfectly with the steak. I think I have tasted a similar menu before when I was in college. I couldn’t just remember who cooked it for me. It was probably my late aunt. She was really a great cook.

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That looks so delicious, I could just bite a chunk off of my monitor right now. All that's needed now is a nice, tall glass of fine wine or champagne to go with the meal.


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This recipe was unbelievably good.


Thanks Chris! Glad you liked it!


What can be substituted for the butter? (ie. something non-dairy). Thanks!

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